Available Scholarships

The Amy Mihaljevic Memorial Scholarship Fund

Community Affairs

The Amy Mihaljevic Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1994 with proceeds from the Community Fund for Assisting Missing Youth, Inc. to honor the memory of Amy Mihaljevic, a Bay Village elementary school student who was kidnapped in October 1989. On February 8, 1990, Amy’s body was found in a remote field in Ashland County and the notorious case, which has received national attention over the years, has never been solved. This scholarship is awarded yearly to one or more college-bound Bay High School seniors who have been active in community affairs.

Past Recipients

  •  Bea Jones (2021)
  • James Bish (2021)
  • Natalie Surdy (2020)
  • Katie Knight (2020)
  • Mary Harkness (2019)
  • Allison Sharpnack (2019)
  • Maria DiLallo (2018)
  • Chloe Roberts (2018)
  • Will Huntington (2017)
  • Campbell Premier (2017)
  • Joseph Auckley (2016)
  • Annamarie McGuire (2016)
  • Katherine Anne Kerka (2015)
  • Katherine Butler (2015)
  • Morgan Cooley (2014)
  • Rachel Poretsky (2014)
  • James Rouhal (2013)
  • Ciera Miller (2013)
  • Claire Wilson (2012)
  • Erin Mohney (2012)
  • Joseph Melenick (2011)
  • Shannon O’Brien (2011)
  • Dan Rehor (2011)
  • Kevin Dzienny (2011)

Tim Todd Scholarship Fund


The Tim Todd Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 to provide a biennial annual scholarship to a senior member of the Bay High School wrestling team who has exhibited a strong commitment and hard work directed toward excellence as a high school wrestler.

Past Recipients

  • Matt Cover (2019)
  • Joshua Barr (2017)
  • Samuel Notarberadino (2015)
  • Max Langer (2013)
  • Adam Hangst (2011)
  • Kyle Nickel (2009)
  • Samuel Stan (2007)

Ann-Marie Young Memorial Special Education Fun

Special Education

The Ann-Marie Young Memorial Special Education Fund was established in 2016 by family members and friends to honor the memory of Ann-Marie Young, an accomplished and beloved educator serving Bay Village schools. The fund is intended to support the same enthusiastic, creative and engaging instructional practices for students with special needs that Ann-Marie displayed during her time as a teacher in Bay Village. This scholarship is awarded to teachers to support instruction in the Bay Middle School classroom assignment last held by Ann-Marie, for the support of instruction of other BMS classrooms for students with special needs and for scholarships for Bay Village teachers pursuing a Master’s degree in the field of special education.

Weiland Scholarship Fund

Public Health and Safety

The Weiland Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by the family of Dr. Frederick Weiland and Mary Vysocky and provides individual scholarship awards to students graduating from Bay High School to pursue advanced study in any area of public health and safety.

Past Recipients

  • Kaylee Buehler (2021)
  • Levi Wunder (2021)
  • Edward Kibe (2020)
  • Phoebe Lindway (2020)
  • Mary Harkness (2019)
  • Paige Kettern (2019)
  • Alexis Glover (2018)
  • Abigail Wallace (2018)
  • Calvin Mahal (2017)   
  • Abigail Lindway (2017)
  • Evan O’Donnell (2016)
  • Annamarie McGuire (2016)
  • Tyler Shinko (2015)

Ryan Haneline Memorial Award


The Ryan Haneline Memorial Award was established in 2007 to honor the memory of Bay student, Ryan Haneline.  The award is open to all Bay Village teachers and students in grades K-8 to offset the cost of an innovative enrichment activity for visual, language, music or performing arts. 

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